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My Go-To Natural Products

Updated: Apr 20

This year has brought a handful of successes and (many) failures with trying natural products. I have been SO excited to share my favorite products with you guys because I know how difficult it was for me to find quality natural products. Also, spending money on a new product is an investment!

I started my transition to more natural products about a year ago. If you want to read about why, go check out my post "What's the Big Deal With 'Natural'."

Before we jump in, let me share one tip: Make the transition process to natural products SLOW. Wait until you finish up the products you currently own. There's no need to throw everything out right away, it will waste the product and your money. Once your current product is almost gone, start seaching for a more natural alternitive.

Without further ado, let's talk products!

1. Acure facial scrub

If you are looking for a natrual exfoliatior, check this one out! I just bought this little guy about two months ago, and it has been working great for me. Since it's an exfoliator, I only use it every 2-3 days. On the other days, I use my homemade face wash. It's about 7 dollars right now on Amazon here!

2. Essential oils

I use these babies for EVERYTHING. After a lot of reaserch, I concluded that essential oils are a better alternitive for many, many things. Essential oils work in replace of a candles, scent booster in laundry, or room sprays. Some essential oils have properties that make them good in face wash, lotion, or in your shampoo. I've also made roller bottles, face serums, and toner with EO's too.

If you're thinking about investing in essential oils, you want to be careful on which ones you buy. There is very little regulation on essential oil labeling, so some brands are extremely diluted down or have addatives. I reccomend Young Living or DoTerra for the most quality oils!

3. Ethique Shampoo bar

This shampoo bar is something I got as a Christmas gift, and I LOVE it! I got the shampoo for oily hair, but Ethique has a ton of different options for your hair type. I was skeptical of bar shampoo, but this one lathers just like a liquid shampoo! Also, it has lasted me a surprisingly long time. Great plastic-free and natural alternative. Get it here.

4. Dr. Bronners Castile soap

Castile soap is the base for almost all the products I make myself. I use it in my DIY face wash, makeup remover, body wash, natural cleaner, and laundry soap. If you don't want to make products yourself, Dr. Bronners has pre-made lotions, face wash, toothpaste and more. There's also a ton of yummy scents! For the sake of all my DIY's, I have the unscented version. Get it here!

5. Native deodorant

I have been through the ringer with finding a natrual deoderant. I have probably tried around 8 different brands, and Native has worked best for me. I've only tried the coconut vanilla scent so far and it smells YUM. If you're stuggling to find a natural deoderant that works, be patient. Many studies say your pits need a period of detox from traditional deoderants and antipersperants because of bacteria buildup. Read more about the detox here.

Get Native deoderant here.

(Just ran out so I don't have a picture!)

6. Puracy hand and body lotion

This organic hand and body lotion is my day one! It doesn't get oily like other natural lotions, and it moisturizes really well. After using scented lotions for SO long, I'm actually enjoying unscented. If I want I can add a drop of essential oil before I put it on to make my own scent.

7. Juice beauty makeup

I'm not a huge makeup person, but I have been really impressed with Juice Beauty products. I've purchased their foundation, setting powder, and mascara, and they've all worked really well for me. This foundation is medium coverage which is usually all I want. I just ran out of the mascara so it isn't pictured, but I really liked it! Your lashes won't get as full as using a drugstore mascara, but it's perfect for an everyday wear.

Tip: adding one drop of cedarwood and lavender to your mascara is said to function as an antibacterial and promote lash growth.

8. Pacfica Perfume A gals gotta have her go-to perfume, right? I have the vanilla and coconut scent from Picifica, and it is my JAM. It doesn't last as long as Bath and Body Works or other drugstore perfumes, but it still does the job for me. I also have the roller bottle version of the vanilla scent, which I love too!

9. Lush dry shampoo- I was really hesitent to try a powder dry shampoo, but this one has been working great for me. I have had my bottle for over a year and I still have 1/2 left, it lasts such a long time! I will say that it's not as convenient as dry shampoo bottles, but I am saving money and putting something more natural in my hair. It also has a super yummy great fruit scent. For those with dark hair, I've heard you can add coco powder so it doesn't look ashy. You can get this dry shampoo on their website: https://www.lushusa.com/hair/shampoo/no-drought/06989.html

10. Jojoba oil- Jojoba oil is my go-to base oil for my face wash and makeup remover. Jojoba oil has very similar properties to the oil produced in our skin, so using it actually makes your face less oily. I will just use jojoba oil directly on my face, or put in in my face wash and bodywash. I'm almost out of my Trader Joes brand, so i'll probably pick up this brand next.


11. Castor Oil

I use castor oil as a natural eyelash growth serum. I simply coat my lash line and my eyebrows before bed. Castor oil is said to have many moisturizing properties that stimulate hair growth, and it's a much cheaper alterative to lash serums. I've also put castor oil in my DIY hair mask I make. You can get it for 8.99. with application tools here.

That's all I have for you friends! I hope this was helpful for you on your search for natural products. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions at @my.holistic.heart or through the contact form.

Comment below your favorite natural product!

with love,

Bailey Rose

affiliate disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no cost to you!


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