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10 Unique Ways to Save Money

Whether you're reading this in quarantine or after the craziness, conversation about saving money can always be helpful. A few years ago I simply realized I wanted to buy less stuff. When I started paying close attention to where my money went, I was shocked by the amount of times I was making unnecessary purchases and eating out each week. I searched for blogs like this one so I could find all the ways to save. The thing is, different strategies will work for different lifestyles. So, I encourage you to read these with your lifestyle in mind.

Let’s get practical today friends. Here are my top 10 ways to save money!

1. Unsubscribe from the email list of your favorite stores

Yes, unfortunately you heard me right on this one. I used to scroll aimlessly through my email and would often make online purchases simply because of boredom. If you unsubscribe from your favorite stores, the temptation to buy cute clothes won’t be nearly as big!

2. Planning date night? Try groupon!

Rob and I have been loving groupon for date night. Not only are we getting a discount on food, but it encourages us to try new places! The other week, we got 25% off at Outback Steakhouse and 40% off at a sushi restaurant. I’m frequently checking the app for new dinner deals!

TIP: Check Yelp before you buy. Sometimes restaurants are on Groupon because their food isn’t good and they need business. Although, our experience so far has been great!

3. Do a no-spend week

This is probably one of the most challenging yet most helpful tips I use to save money. Here’s what it looks like: One week a month, I do my no-spend week. This means for a whole week (I do Sunday-Sunday) I only spend money on absolutely necessary items such as food, gas, or emergency spending. I even try not buying groceries and see what meals I can come up with out of the pantry. You will probably be surprised how much you end up saving in just one week!

4. Make your own products

Don’t shy away from this one! I have been shocked with the amount of money I’ve saved with making my own products (facewash, makeup remover, laundry soap, body wash, etc.). Since most of what I make calls for the same ingredients, I buy the ingredients in bulk and remake them when I am low. Check out my instagram for a few of the recipes I have shared under the “natural” highlight. More to come!

Not into making your own products? Check out my post on my go-to natural products that are the same price or cheaper than drugstore products.

5. Set weekly eating-out limits

I tend to go waaaay over budget if I don’t plan how many times I will eat out each week. Before you start your week, set a limit (either the amount of times you eat out or a cash limit) on food or drinks. Trust me, it will help with impulse buying!

6. Out of sight, out of mind

This tip is similar to the email one, but it seriously applies to everything! Before I became more conscious of my spending habits, I was such an impulse buyer. Seriously guys, I was shocked on how much money I spent impulsively eating out, buying clothes, or online shopping. I don’t eradicate my impulse buying all together, but being aware of my temptation has helped immensely. Some practical things I will do are skip the clothing section in stores, make a grocery list so I only buy what I need, and only allow one impulse buy a week (coffee, chick-fil-a, etc.)

7. Find free activities

I know this might be a more common tip- but hear me out. There are SO many fun activities you can do for free or extremely cheap at home. Think of your favorite go-to activity and a creative way to do that from home. This is perfect to try during no-spend week! Here’s a few things I’ve been up to:

  • At home theater: Recreate your living room into a movie theater

  • Picnic at the park

  • Shop your house: Find things around your house to redecorate or repurpose.

  • Tye Dye an old shirt

  • Make a new recipe

8. Download a budgeting app

You know how your phone tells you the amount of screen time you’ve had each week? Have your phone also tell you your spending habits! I use CLARITY MONEY which allows me to set weekly budgets for groceries, eating out, shopping, etc. It has been so helpful to see which spending categories I tend to overspend in (cough cough, eating out) so I know where to pull back.

9. Bring. Snacks. Everywhere.

I don’t know about you, but I am most tempted to eat out when I get hungry on the go and don’t want to cook when I get home. If you have the same temptation I do, bring a snack instead of driving through somewhere. I try to always keep a bar in my purse, car, and backpack.

10. The Buyerarchy of needs

GUYS! This is probably my all-time favorite tip when it comes to being frugal. I live by this when it comes to making purchases.

  • Use what you have- Get creative! Our homes are full of so much stuff, chances are you’d be able to substitute an item in your home for what you need. (Example: Recipe calls for black beans, use the pinto beans you already have.)

  • Borrow- Before you even consider buying something, wrack your brain for someone you can borrow it from! Of course, this won't apply to everyday items, but if there’s something you only need a few times a year, try to borrow it. For example, I’ve been asking friends if they have a blush bridesmaid dress for a wedding I’m in this summer. I also need a specific extension cord for one video I’m making. These are the things I try to borrow first.

  • Swap- Let’s bring trading back people!!

  • Secondhand- You can practically find anything at a thrift store. The other day I stopped at Goodwill to find a French Press before checking Target. Low and behold, a french press was on the shelf right when I walked in! It won’t always be that easy, but it’s worth the look.

  • Make- Y’all know I love this! I am shocked how much you can make from home. Search pinterest with the word DIY in front of anything and you’ll be shocked. I This applies to food, products, decor, and more!

  • Buy- If all else fails, buy.

I hope you gained an idea or two on saving money! Have any of your own budgeting tips? Comment down below!

with love,

Bailey Rose


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