Hey gal! Thanks for hopping over to my little corner of the internet. Relax, get comfy, and let me share with you what this blog is all about:

If you're anything like me, you've had some of these thoughts before…​

"When will I get enough sleep to feel like a human again?"

"Wow, I could really use a therapist... or five."

"So how am I supposed to eat healthy if all I can afford is Wendy’s 4 for 4?"

"I have no motivation to open my Bible.. why is this so hard?" 


These are just a few things in life I wish I had figured out. If only I could make some changes, everything would fall into place, right? Just let me tell you now- it won't. A perfect nighttime routine won't be the answer to satisfy an empty heart. But- I do recognize the necessity of a healthy lifestyle when it comes to tackling both big and small things.


Naturally- I am a type B, disorganized, and spontaneous soul. It took me falling into depression, being wrung dry, and struggling in daily functioning to realize I needed a change. My unsustainable lifestyle caused my spiritual life and relationships to take a hard hit. 


This blog is intended for women who are striving for a more sustainable way to do life. Whether you are looking for healthy recipes, encouragement for your walk with God, or just a partner in the journey, you've found yourself a home gal. 


My posts will give you insight on how to implement holistic health into your life. I'll talk about everything from diet to boundaries, thrifting to mental health, and essential oils to my walk with God. Interested in a specific topic? Great! That's why I have easy-to-find categories at the bottom of each page. 

little bit about me: I'm an avid sushi lover, born and raised in San Diego, and an enneagram 7. I love dancing, sewing, and creating new things. I just graduated (yay!) from Colorado Christian University with a Bachelor's in Psychology. Oh, and I love making new friends. Shoot me a message on the contact page! 

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with love, 

Bailey Rose 


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